Technological Environment

Technological Environment

When most people think of the Technological environment the first thing that comes to mind is whether or not they “have the Internet”. This is only one part of the world of business.

The technological environment could be something as simple as whether or not vendors use Interac to receive payment, or do you have to pay cash. The technological environment also covers road and rail and ocean transportation as well as communications.

The ability of a company to be competitive also includes access to high speed communications - some parts of the world have highly developed fiber optic cables, other parts don’t even have land lines for phones. In some parts of Africa, technology has been delayed for decades, but when it did arrive, they skipped directly to cell phones without even bothering to put in telephone poles and land lines.

One of the key characteristics of the technological environment is that the infrastructure is very expensive. It is usually a national government who funds the projects that allow telephone and cell phone networks to be constructed.

The degree to which a region has an advanced technological environment is often related to the health of the economic environment which would contain the companies that are making money, and paying taxes, to support the government funds spent on the infrastructure. [

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Technological Environment

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