The Power of The Economic Environment

The domestic economic environment in each country is highly integrated with, and influenced by the economic environment in other countries.

Example: China’s stock market drops - Canada’s TSX drops.

It was explained in The Star (Sept 1st, 2009) that the Toronto stock market dropped due to declining commodity prices, which is a big part of Canada’s exports to China.

Money is the grease that turns the wheels of an economy.

Traditionally, governments have controlled the flow of money in their country’s economy.

Today, digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NEO are taking the world by storm.

The trillion-dollar question is this: which digital currency is going to last? Might Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NEO get replaced just as quickly by a new digital currency tomorrow?

For that, we need to understand who manufactures these digital currencies.

Without boring you, China manufactures the majority of all digital currencies, from Bitcoin to Ethereum and everything in between. This means that they have the power to ‘move the market’ or determine the price and value of the digital currencies they manufacture.

In order to understand which digital currency will last, all you have to do is look at which digital currency China is backing (NEO).

Or do you? Hashgraph is Blockchain’s fiercest competitor. Blockchain is the technology that drives Bitcoin. Until the true scope of Hashgraph’s capabilities compared to Blockchain, the entire digital currency market is in the air.