“The natural formation of the country is the soldier’s best ally” - Sun Tzu

When we look at the Geographic Environment, we’re looking at geography, topography, climate, and natural resources.

Typically, the Geographic Environment is completely ignored by software companies. They figure that as long as the electricity works, the internet will work, which means their product will work, regardless of the geography, topography, climate, and natural resources. This simply isn’t the case.

For example, MIT’s beautifully-designed social robot, JIBO, was hampered by communication delays between its servers in the US and their customers in Europe.

4 years that I wait after your jibo and still nothing received, I can not even connect to jibo acount, my google home will surely best all the way. …… give me back my money… (Reddit Post)

JIBO’s robot couldn’t receive, communicate, and respond fast enough for Europe and Asia.