The Electricity Transfer

In the early days of electricity, Chief Operating Officers had to build and operate their own electric generators in order to power their manufacturing plants.

Why? The power grid had short arms and couldn’t transport the electricity reliably enough.

However, when the electricity infrastructure finally matured into a stable, reliable, powerful solution, business immediately replaced their Electric Generator Departments with an Electric Bill.

The IT Infrastructure Transfer

Similarly, there’s another massive transfer occurring in Enterprise IT.

Today, most companies operate their own IT infrastructure. They buy hardware, software, and humans in order to run the technology that drives their email, websites, MS office, etc.

By 2025, this will no longer be the case. For a fraction of the cost, the world’s largest cloud/edge Manufacturers - Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform (…and Packet?) - will handle all of your IT infrastructure needs.

That means IT Directors won’t have to own a physical piece of hardware again. Instead, a small handful of highly-capable architects and engineers will orchestrate and the complex, automated IT solution for the business.